ISRO 104 Satellite launch in February 2017 Through PSLV-C37

ISRO 104 Satellite launch:

ISRO 104 satellite launch: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the space agency of indian Government and it’s Head Quarter in in Bengaluru. The vision of the ISRO is ‘Harness Space Technology for National Development‘.

In addition, ISRO was started in the year 1969 based on  the commette establish in the year 1962 that was Indian National Committe for Space Reaserch. Department of Space will manage ISRO, which reports to the Prime Minister of The Republic of India.

Satellite Programmes:

  • First of all, the satellite from ISRO is Aryabatta on 19-04-1975.
  • In 1980, Rohini was to become the first satellite to be places in orbit by an Indian-made launch vehicle, SLV-3.
  • After SLV india develop PSLV and GSLV for launching satellites into orbit.
  • Moreover ISRO has successfully test fired Chandrayan-1 into orbit on 22-0ct-2008
  • Further more, On 18 June 2016 ISRO successfully set a record with a launch of 20 satellites in a single payload.

ISRO 104 Satellite launch

ISRO 104 Satellite Launch on February

  1. The India Space Research Organization (ISRO) is conducting its mega-launch program on February 15, under which it will set off total 104 satellites to space.
  2. As scheduled, the satellites will take off at one go around 9 am from Sriharikota spaceport, Andhra Pradesh on February 15.
  3. ISRO will create history by launching a record of 104 satellites, including 101 from foreign countries, out of which 88 are from the United States and the remaining are from Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The rest 3 belongs to India itself.
  4. All satellites will be placed in the lower orbit of the earth for monitoring the planet and its ongoing actions.


  1. ISRO will take up its most efficient launcher rocket ‘PSLV-C37‘- Polar Satellite launch Vehicle for setting the isro 104 satellite launch in motion.
  2. It’s a 320-tonne rocket which will launch all the satellites with a combine weight of 1,500 kg, including the 650 kg remote-sensing Cartosat-2 and two nano-satellites (IA and IB) weighing 15 kg each.
  3. Finally, ISRO  104 satellite launch will surpass the 37 satellites launch record set in June 2014 and Consequently,  29 satellites launched by NASA in 2013.
  4. Rather than the Indian space agency has already launch 20 satellites in one shot in June 2016. If ISRO succeeds in another conducting this mega-launch program, then it will be honor as the only agency to launch the highest number of satellites in one go.
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Congratulations to ISRO…

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